The New Cancer

The New Cancer is an alternative rock duo made of Asuka Le viet (vocals) and Imen Awag (guitar). Following up on their debut single "Skinny Girls", alternative rock duo The New Cancer strikes their listeners with an overload of melancholy in their latest song "20something". “Being in your 20s is wild, beautiful and depressing”, says Asuka. “It’s full of ambiguous feelings, anxiety and heartbreak in all shapes and sizes. We just had to write a song about this to cope with it”. Along with the song’s music video, the release feels nostalgic and reminiscent of 2000s emo and pop punk bands like blink-182 and My Chemical Romance.

Having written together for several other artists before, the two musical soulmates now combine their skills into their own promising blend of modern pop mixed with a bold rockstar attitude. With their unapologetic, brash personalities and rebellious songs, the duo aims to create a bright future for themselves.

Speaking up about the hardships of young people trying to live their dreams, The New Cancer sends a clear message to their fellow dreamers: Be bold, be brave & don’t give a f**k about them.